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Best Mortgage Lenders New Haven CT

At mortgage lenders New Haven CT we offer 30 year mortgage rates and 15 year mortgage rates. Are you ready to get better terms and lower rates and insurance costs?

If so we have the New Haven mortgage lenders ready to offer you conventional loans. This could be your first house and for that, we have mortgage lenders in New Haven that offer you an FHA loan. Call us now to begin working with a mortgage broker.

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About Mortgage Lenders New Haven CT

We do everything we can to get you hooked up with the best mortgage lender.

We do not want you tirelessly searching "mortgage lenders near me". We get you home loan lenders and local mortgage lenders that will meet your needs.

We make sure that you work with a licensed mortgage broker so that you go through all the right steps for your mortgage. We want every process of getting a mortgage to go smoothly and quickly.

There are so many different kinds of home loan brokers, some of which offer different programs. A program that will be perfect will not be perfect for someone else. This is why we make sure your program is made custom for you.

We have not only built a reputation that is strong but we work hard to uphold that reputation. We are very honest in the direction that we point you for what will be the best program for you. If there are better options then what you are wanting, we will explain it in detail so you can best understand.

We have complete knowledge when it comes to loans, rates, and companies. We do not charge for you to find out what options you have available to you.

Why Choose Us?

There are specific reasons why clients choose to work with certain mortgage brokers New Haven CT. More specifically there are reasons why they choose to work with us. Why is that?

How is Mortgage Lenders New Haven CT different from other mortgage companies in New Haven?

  1. We get you great interest rates
  2. We are competitive
  3. We work with the best mortgage refinance companies

New Haven mortgage lenders know what their clients need. We are aware and experienced with the many different situations that are out there with getting a mortgage.

We have helped clients for many years now to get them the loan that is right for them. We have worked for many years to understand the way that the market works and how it affects our clients. We know that the market can harm you if you are not careful, which is why we do the best job at taking care of our clients.

Give us a call today. We are prompt to answer the call and answer your questions. We work in a quick and efficient way. If you do not hear from us

immediately we will call you back very shortly. We do not waste time as we know time is valuable when you are buying a home.

Purchase A Home

First-Time Home Buyers

When you are buying a home for the first time you want to make sure you have the best mortgage lenders in New Haven to work with. Your credit score is likely not very high so you want to get the best mortgage rate you can with low credit. There are options for no down payments with first time buyers. This makes it still very realistic for you to buy a home.

Experienced Homeowners

Experienced homeowners have an advantage to buying a home. That is, you know what to expect in the process. You know what you need when you are applying for a home loan which will help to make the process go more quick and more smoothly.

The Process

The New Haven mortgage broker you work with will ask for a variety of information when buying a new home. Some of this information will include information regarding your finances, debt, credit, and more.

Refinance Your Home

Change Your Rate To Reduce Monthly Payment

Before you refinance you want to look at the current refinance rates. Depending on what current mortgage rates you can get, you can calculate about how much a month you can save on your monthly payment. Your mortgage broker New Haven can help you save some money every month on refinancing your home.

Get Cash From Your Home’s Equity

You want to look for the best company to refinance home before beginning. When you refinance you can take out the equity that you have on your home. You can use this equity to make a large purchase, or even to pay off debt.

The Process

Mortgage lenders will ask you for similar information when refinancing your home as you do when you buy a new home. They will take a look at the New Haven mortgage rates and will show you how it will affect your refinancing.

Loan Programs

Do you need options for loans? Because we have options! First time home buyer or luxurious home buyer, we are ready for you all. Home loan companies have many different qualifications. The New Haven mortgage company and the type of loan you are getting makes a difference.

Jumbo Loans

Are you looking for a loan that is very large to cover a luxurious home? A jumbo loan will do the job. You must have a higher credit score to qualify for a jumbo loan. You also are going to have to pay a higher down paymen

Conventional Loans

If you have strong credit you can get a conventional loan with any of the mortgage companies in New Haven. Conventional loans have so much flexibility and so many options. Mortgage companies in New Haven work with your great credit score to get you good New Haven mortgage rates.

Construction Loans

Construction loans are done when you want to build a home and many times buy the property with it. The thing you have to be aware of with a construction loan is that they usually have higher interest and are shorter terms than other mortgages. Construction loans are more of a risk for New Haven mortgage companies so it makes it safer for the companies to lower the term and raise the interest.

FHA Loan New Haven

The Federal Housing Administration insures these loans. Do not get it confused with getting money loaned from them. They only protect the loan through mortgage insurance. This type of loan is great for helping families that are low-moderate income because they do not need to make a down payment.

VA Loans

Mortgage broker New Haven have great options for veterans. This is called the VA loan. This offer is for veterans and their spouses. You get great rates and great down payment options.

USDA Loans

A USDA loan is a loan that is also great for first time buyers if they do not have the money to put on a down payment as these often do not need them. This loan is for homes in rural areas and the property must be approved before buying.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

This type of mortgage starts out with a very low mortgage rate. It then gets adjusted from time to time based on the index. You will get to build up equity much more fast because of the low interest rate you begin with at the start of your loan.

Reverse Mortgages

This type of loan is mainly for homeowners above the age of 62. It is used as a source of retirement as well as other sources. You get the money from your equity on your home rather than making monthly payments on the loan.

About New Haven CT

New Haven is a city set on the coast of Connecticut with a population of 130,000. Yale University is a very popular and well-known university that is right in New Haven.

Yale is very important to our economy. Financial and retail services, professional and healthcare services are also what make up the economy here in New Haven.

The makeup of our city is about 42% White, 35% African American, 4% Asian, 12% from other races. The cities that are near the borders of New Haven are:

  • Hamden, CT
  • West Haven, CT
  • Milford, CT
  • East Haven, CT
  • Branford, CT
  • North Haven, CT
  • Ansonia, CT
  • Orange, CT
  • Woodbridge, CT
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there dangers of any type of loan?

In any typical loan, you are not going to have anything to worry about. Where the worry may come in is with an adjustable rate mortgage. You will have to be sure to keep an eye on it and be aware of the risk. The monthly mortgage payment has the risk of rising very fast. This could make it go higher than what you can afford to pay if you are not careful.

Can you combine an FHA loan and a construction loan?

Yes. You can get an FHA construction loan. This works a little different than your usual construction loan. You will close on the mortgage before you begin building at all. You then get the funds disbursed at each stage after it is inspected. This type of loan is a much higher risk for mortgage companies. You want to find the best construction loan lenders if you are going this route so they are very thorough.

Are there perks to buying a house for the first time?

Yes. If you are buying for the first time you want to take the time to find the best mortgage lenders for first time buyers. When you are looking for “mortgage companies near me” and a “mortgage broker near me” you will want to make sure they have first time home buyer programs. These programs offer you low to no down payments. FHA lenders also make it so that you can still get home loans New Haven CT if you do not have a high credit score and much credit history.

Is financing for a fixer-upper different from other types of financing?

No. When you are doing a fixer-upper you will find a New Haven mortgage company as you would otherwise. You will work with a mortgage broker New Haven. They will get you the best New Haven mortgage rates and find the best program for your situation.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We loved working with this team. They gave us great advice. They were great mortgage specialists and helped us to save money!

Ryan T.

The “mortgage advisor near me” we worked with went beyond what he needed to. He always made sure we were taken care of and felt confident before moving onto the next step.

Christina M.

When I finally branched out to find “home lenders near me” and the “best mortgage broker near me” I was nervous about what I would find. I came to find this amazing team who takes the time for you. They personalize your loan and get the job done.

Maria N.

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There are some construction loan lenders we prefer to work with. We make sure to help you find a mortgage broker that will give you great mortgage interest rates.

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